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Will Coles is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter who has been studying and playing music for more than a decade. Throughout his career he has grown tremendously in talent, technicality, and vocal capabilities thanks to the inspiration of local music mentors including Gary Thomas, Henning Witt, and many others.

In 2016 a music technology company called EurekaSound sponsored Will to showcase their prototype “Baitar,” a combination instrument with four guitar strings and two bass strings. With thousands of hours of practice, Will has taken the baitar to the next level by incorporating it fully into his original music as well as cover songs. By playing the rhythm guitar and bass simultaneously, Will is able to showcase complexity while maintaining artistic control.

In his original music, Will enjoys blending contemporary musical elements with the raw quality of his favorite classic rock sounds. His repertoire includes songs from The Beatles, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana and more. The Will Coles Band is a one-of-a-kind duo that has the full sound of a three-piece, featuring Will on Baitar and lead vocals with a drummer. Audiences who attend his shows are constantly excited and intrigued by this rare instrument as well as the authentic expression of classic rock the band portrays.

The Will Coles Band has had the honor of performing at such prominent venues as the Francis Winspear Centre for Music, the Mercury Room, The Forge and the Needle Vinyl Tavern. Will has been invited to play at Edmonton’s Rock Music Festival two years in a row, and he looks forward to playing more festivals in the future as his fan-base and network continuously grows.Being a full-time musician, Will has not only found his calling but also a fulfilling spiritual path where he can follow his dreams independently and positively influence those around him.




@ The Forge On Whyte

10549 82ave, Edmonton, Alberta

w/ Fashion Police & Leo Martinez Project


My Batar… a new and beloved instrument

My Batar… a new and beloved instrument

I have completed a few projects I am very excited about and have taken a lot of work and patience. First Is this Website! Impressive isn’t it and now I have a professional space to highlight my creativity! Second is My Batar a new and beloved instrument has come to fruition. Handmade Seymour Duncan vintage style Precision bass pickups a hidden Gibson humbucker and two isolated outputs to hook into separate amps make this thing the instrument of my dreams! My third project is a music video I made for my song one foot out the door which you can watch right here! The song was made as an artistic expression of some of my more honest thoughts and I hope you enjoy it!


Hello friends!

Hello friends!

Hello friends thank you for visiting my website. You can come here to listen to music, watch videos and keep track of my show schedules. The content on this website is my creative outlet where I will be exploring the different facets of music production, writing and video production. If you are interested in receiving updates through email for shows, musical releases and blog posts you can subscribe to my mailing list.


One Foot Out The Door


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